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I am a Pretoria-based artist currently working in the medium of scraperboard. With a National Art Teacher’s Diploma from the Technikon Pretoria (1967), a year full-time study of ceramics and a BA(BK) from UNISA (1995), I have occupied myself with teaching, ceramics, jewellery and art making. My work has been selected for the Potters Association’s National exhibitions, the New Signatures, and the Art Now Craft exhibition. I have exhibited my art at both the Tina Skukan Gallery, and the Pretoria Association of Arts.

Core themes of my art are femininity; expressing inner doubts and frustrations by exploring my past through the use of objects that are a part of my cultural history. Objects and ideas often form “fictional” truths, helping to mirror the past, evoking memories, for memory is art, is memory. The obsessive mark making used for scraperboard becomes part of the meaning of the artwork. Like the fine crochet work depicted in some of the works, scraperboard speaks of hours of meticulous drawing, giving new value to old and discarded objects.


Copyright Charlotte Janse van Vuuren